Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Simple but Sure for Your Natural Acne Treatment

May be now is the times for people to take a natural treatment for their acne problem because to treat an acnes by using an conventional way is just a useless thing for some people. Even, they obtain a bad effect for their skin. When it compare with conventional treatmeant, taking care acnes naturally is safest way as it have no chemicals that harm your skin. Now, it is better for you to take and try these actions to improvment for your skin condition because of acnes.

Natural Acne Treatment

Ice cube is a natural treatment that you should try. Put ice cube into plastic and place it to acnes areas for five minutes in every hours and do it two times a day. The cold of the ice will erase the redness and inflamations on your skin. Second, you also can drink a cup of tea, especially green tea. The antioxidant of the tea can drive a healthy skin as the antioxidant properties can protect the skin from damage and the body will have an ability to fight acnes naturally by drinking two cups of great tea every day. Last but not least, you can also put lemon juices on your acnes by using catton bud in the morning will help reduce your acne scars. Before apply the lemon juices, make sure that you have washing your face.

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All the treaments are simple, easy and cheap and you can do the treatment by yourself. The result of the treatments is very effective for taking care of acnes. Well, a simple natural treatment can save you from acne disturbances.

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