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Food for Acne: Eating for Caring Acne

You are stopping yourself not to eat chocolate anymore because it is a bad food for acne? Now, you don’t need to worry anymore to eat that favorit foods, because some research have proven that chocolate do not give a significant impact for your skin. Don’t be misunderstand, not all foods are bad for your skin, instead there are some foods that help you to reduce your acnes.

Food for Acne

Fruits and vegetables which are rich of vitamin, and some foods with rich of antioxidant and omega 3 are best food for acnes. If you care about your skin, write these following foods in your shopping lists. Strawberries and oranges, these fruit have a lot of vitamin C that give you an immune that help to heal your irritation of your skin. Broccoli and spinach, antioxidant which filled in these vegetables will be allowed your skin to be damaged, that why broccoli and spinach are advised to eat. In other hand, consuming of a variety of fish such as salmon and sarden are also recommended as omega 3 from these fishes can inhibit the cause of acnes and blemishes.

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Moreover, there are still many kinds of foods that can give a great contribution for your skin like nuts, almonds, carrots, tomatoes, and egg. Therefore, you can start to eat all these healthy foods if you have a dream to have a clean face without acnes. Now, you know about food for acne best.

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